Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Adventure of His Day

Little Man sees me at the back door taking his picture. I'm pleased to see that there are no tears over the fall.
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My Little Man Rocked off the Porch!

Here is Little Man, right after breakfast. We have to have eyes on him at all times, because he loves life and looks for adventures at every turn. He doesn't know that I found him when I took this picture. He obviously did that big rocking that he does on the porch, and he and the rocker took a flying leap into the Asian Jasmine.
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Weigh-in for July 5, Week 4

Everyday I thought of things I wanted to post, but everyday I kept feeling so much worse. I've lost -2.42 pounds the last week. As much as I love seeing the numbers go down, I am not doing a victory dance in the streets. I've now lost 9 pounds, although my goal is to lose 5 pounds a month. I've not been able to eat the last 2 weeks after lunch. When I eat later I think I'm dying!.

I don't think I mentioned that when I went to the hospital about 10 days ago, after I had the CT scan the doctor said I have a hietal hernia. The doctor pronounced that from the door of the ER room at 4 a.m. as he was turning to leave. He never came to my bedside. It took me a day or so to process the information. It answers a lot of questions for me about why I am so miserable. Mr. Doctor didn't explain it, but I googled it. What's a girl to do? Google, of course! My dad suffered from a hietal hernia for years, so I knew to factor in the misery. But the description of what happens to the stomach and esophagus as per Google is a mental picture I wish I didn't have! I'm certain that surgery is in my future. But I really wanted to lose some more weight first.

All week I have assumed that my misery after eating was from the hernia. That "little" problem I mentioned of constipation isn't solved in spite of continuing to do everything I can with only the best fiber from fruits and vegetables and grains. Lots of salads, and lean protein. Lots of water. It's turned into a different problem now. (I know that because I Googled!) All of that high fiber food has made a nice little home in my tummy, and I am poochier than after my pregnancies. It's called a fecal impaction. I figure my "baby" weighs at least 20 pounds. I would like some maternity tops, but not the kind the young girls wear now. I don't want my naughty baby to show. I had a very nice lunch, and I suffered greatly the rest of the day and all the way up until now at 11:30 pm. I've gotten down 2 oz of white grape juice with 2 oz. of water in the last hours and 2 saltines that I chewed until they melted in my mouth. It feels like it's all coming up the wrong way.

I'm mad that I didn't have a good medical team 10 days ago, because I did know I had a very serious problem. The fecal impaction had been that way for a long time. I started my diet on June 6, because I knew it was a priority for me to get on healthy eating. I explained to the nurse that there had been *nothing* for more than 3 weeks. When they sent me home the uppity nurse told me to see my gastrointologist (I don't have one since we moved) and she outlined the diet that I had been eating and had explained all of that. But she didn't do anything to relieve the situation. I DO love nurses! My darling daughter is a nurse. It was this particular nurse in ER who wasn't kind. But I don't know her. Maybe she had a bad day...a sick child. Whatever, she neglected my needs, and now I'm much worse and scared.

I know I will have to have surgery for the hietal hernia, but this other matter has to be taken care of first. And after googling, I'm certain that I made the diagnosis that I was thinking from 2 weeks back. There's every reason to believe that I have a fecal impaction. The prognosis is grim if not taken care of by professionals. I've waited way to long now. I'll call my doctor in the morning and hope that he sends me directly to the hospital. Maybe I'll be back home tomorrow night, but I do pray that I will not return until those 2 problems are solved.

If my new buddies read this, you probably notice that I have some public service announcements in my blog. I spent one whole night trying to figure that on my own. It started because Sandy asked about my Bodybugg. I wanted to insert a picture of it, and I also wanted to insert 2 books that have helped me. They I stumbled upon Monetizing, and AdSense. I filled out the pages, and the messages are in my inbox. I'm not well enough to do anything else until my other 2 problems are solved.

It's going to make me sad and upset if I'm not up for our grandsons this week. We are daycare while our daughter works at a day surgery clinic in Ft. Worth. I think I found out how to put in a picutre. I'm going to try. I need to post some happiness today!

Here are my stats: (Kelly is trying to explain how I can put them permanently on the side bar. Maybe next week I will work on that.)

Start of diet, June 7 - 191.19
Last week, June 28 - 184.58
Today, July 5 - 182.16
Pounds lost Month 1 - 9.03

Thank you sweet ladies who have sort of adopted me and give me good advice and support. 

Today, July 5 182.14

Pounds lost -9.02 pounds