Monday, November 8, 2010

26 days of hCG

Last week after 26 days of hCG, I decided it was time to quit and start the maintenance of mostly lean meats/fish, and fruits and vegetables.  I am not very hungry, but I am well aware of how easily the weight can come back.  My plan is to maintain until December 25, 26, when I will start again.  My doctor and I are pleased that my health is much improved.  I have lost 19 pounds, which is a good start.  Even better is that my blood pressure is improved, and my digestion is better.  I'm not out of breath with the slightest exertion.  And I'm sleeping, probably more because of taking melatonin as per my new doctor. 

Now I know, for me, what the pros and cons are of the hCG protocol.  The difficult parts, but doable, for me were 1) not a drop of oil in diet or life.  No make-up except for Bare Minerals or one of the similar ones 2) no lotions...just a little baby oil.  That was interesting.  Baby oil doesn't make skin feel one bit better. 3) no manicures/pedicures or hair coloring.  None of that was a hardship for me until last week, when I was tired of it all.   I am thankful that I did it and glad that I am started on this weight loss journey.  I was still losing weight when I stopped, but my body knew when it was best to stop.  


  1. Hi Jenny...I'm responding to the comment you left on my photo blog. It's such a small world, huh? As you read, my family were early pioneers in Ward County and Grandfalls. It's very likely that some of our family members crossed paths. I do remember the Plant between Monahans and Odessa. I grew up in Grandfalls, as did my Dad. I went to school with Clay Wristen who now owns and runs the Wristen Ranch in Grandfalls. The blog you left the comment on is my Photo Blog. My Main Blog is CollectInTexas Gal which is linked to the PhotoBlog. There are lots of posts about growing up in Grandfalls there.

    I browsed around your blog and read about your hCG diet and the struggles you have faced. I hope you are successful in all that you hope to do on this journey. Blogland is incredible in that you can find such support through others going through the same things you are.

    Thanks again for leaving me a comment. I hope you'll visit CollectInTexas Gal again.

  2. Hi, Jenny!
    Sounds like you are really on your way in getting the weight right where you want it. Was the decision for you to go off the diet yours or your doctor's? Do you quit after losing X amount of weight or certain length of time? I have done a little research on hcg but haven't found enough to fill me in so I may ask questions here and there, hoping not to sound too nosy! lol

  3. Good to see you back Jenny and I'm so very pleased to hear that you are seeing health benefits from your treatment. I hope the transition to this next stage is positive for you and you encounter none of your old difficulties. I weigh in tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  4. Thanks for comments. I saw Kelly's wonderful shadow pictures, and then I meandered around and found CollectInTexas Gal. I'm anxious to read more about your history, Sue. Thanks for leaving a message. I was so excited reading the history, because I knew my family was right there, too. Clay is my cousin. He and my brother were best buds because they were born within days of each other. I enjoy both of your blogs.

  5. Ellen, it was my decision to stop hCG for that phase. As your body starts getting a little immune to the hCG, weight loss slows a bit (mine stayed consistent) and/or you experience hunger. After losing 19 pounds in such a short time, it just felt right for my body to stop and adjust. My doctor was completely in agreement that I was listening to my body. Until the last few days I was rarely hungry and actually enjoyed the diet. I would have lost more weight, but I'm about wanting to be healthier. There are some YouTube videos on the protocol that helped me. I'm glad to answer your questions. It was scary to me at first and sounded gimmicky. It's not gimmecky, but the waters are muddled because it's so easy to buy.

  6. No lotion?? That would have driven me crazy. I have very dry skin and have to use lotion.

    I think it's great that you've lost the weight, but I'd say the other things (blood pressure, etc.) are what's really great!!

    Keep up the great work. I'm really proud of you!!