Saturday, June 26, 2010

Looking For a Better Day

I have had a no good very bad week. After weeks of not sleeping, I started taking Ambien again. It has helped to get some good sleep, and I’m not waking up to binge eat yet. I’ve had terrible bloating and gas, and dare I say serious “irregularity?” And my blood pressure has been extremely high. I felt so bad Thursday night, I went to the ER. My blood pressure was 220/117. The doctor and nurse were sure that I would need surgery. After a CT scan and sonogram proved normal, the diagnosis was a urinary tract infection. Two days of Cipro, and I’m feeling better. No help was given for irregularity. It’s a bad problem to have at anytime, but it’s really bad when trying to drop pounds. My diet is full of veggies, fruits, nuts and whole grains…lots of fiber. I had the juice of a lemon in hot water this morning. That is one of the home remedies that I’ve googled. I’m not sure that I’ve read anyone else blogging about this agony. Oh, well, I have just a few nice girls as followers. I doubt that I have a corner on this problem.

Do any of you reward yourself as you reach your smaller goals? I am designing a Pandora bracelet. I’m planning to give myself the bracelet and one charm when I lose the first 10 pounds. Then another charm for every 10 pounds. Maybe I’ll decide on a spacer after 5 pounds. One time, 8 years ago, when I reached goal, my husband gave me a diamond heart pendant and a gold chain. After I gained weight I was ashamed to wear the heart. Now I wear it all the time. Silly to miss wearing it and it’s a reminder of my promise to myself to reach that goal again. It’s a good thing, because the heart pendant is a great reminder that I need to learn to maintain this time.


  1. Sorry to hear you have been so unwell. Let's hope it improves soon. I've been thinking about a pandora bracelet and charms as rewards too. I've also been thinking about treats like a pedicure, facial or even some new clothes as I get too small for my old clothes. At least a bracelet and charms will be kept forever as a symbol of the journey and encouragement to maintain. Don't wear a lot of jewellery so still undecided. As for irregularity I think pawpaw or papaya is supposed to be very good for this. Here's to a better week.

  2. I haven't heard of pawpaw. Would the papaya be eaten fresh, or is it in a preparation? Like you, I thought a Pandora bracelet and charms would be a reminder of where I've been and where I'm going. I wouldn't want to remove a charm after the bracelet is completed. I don't rule out pedicures and new clothes in addition to the bracelet. Everything I do this time is with more thoughtfulness. When the world celebrates everthing, big and small, with food, my plan is to have lots of non-food celebrations. How near are you to your vacation?? Have a good week!

  3. I'm sorry it's been a rough week. At least you got part of the problem solved by finding out about and taking care of the infection.

    For your problem.... apples are always good. Also, Grape Nuts cereal. Then, too, there's the Citrucel (double dose) that the doc prescribed. *sigh* I blame it on menopause.

    I think the Pandora idea is great! My older daughter insisted I get one of those so she would always have something she could give me for holidays.

  4. Jenny, I had a big problem with, well I called it constipation, but whatever. I couldn't figure out what it was. I had gone very high fiber, everything was whole wheat, etc. When I changed my diet again, just by happenstance, it was very low wheat, and the problem disappeared. I think now that I might have a mild wheat allergy. (I also had a LOT of gas at the time.) Also, I think a culprit (for me) is the inulin that they add to a lot of foods to increase the fiber content. Examples, Fiber One bars (which I loved, but now avoid like the plague,) and W.W. Yogurt. JUst food for thought!

    Love the idea of a charm bracelet to celebrate the 10 pound losses.

  5. Pawpaw is what we call papaya. It generally has yellow flesh but I prefer the red fleshed variety. No special preparation needed, just eat. My sister needed to eat it after a horrible birth in order to keep things....loose! Too much information!:)It's also well know as a good anticancer nutrient and used in preventative cancer diets and for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Hope this helps. Pandora is looking more appealing. I'm sure I'll procrastinate about it some more!