Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog picture of deer

I get a happy feeling between my arms when I see my blog picture.  Not the one of me.  The one at the top with the deer.  I couldn't believe when one of my dearest friends from Troy, Michigan, sent that in an e-mail to show me what she sees when she looks into her back yard.  I'll tell you...for a girl who lived in west Texas at the time, I was awestruck.  I used it on my blog, but then I wrote and asked her permission, which she granted so graciously.  The bad thing, I haven't invited her to read my blog.  I could have lots of followers if I invited all of my friends and family to read my blog.  That would be such a loss of privacy to me.  For my Michigan friend, I'll probably invite her one day.  We refer to ourselves as "sisters" and sometimes "sister/friends."  We forget that we've never met in person.  Health issues are the only things so far that has kept one of us from flying to see the other.  In 2004 I first dipped my toe into the ebay waters. I swim in there with the sharks!  My friend was one of my first sellers.  She always has great buys on Coach handbags as she is also a Coach fiend.  I never have to worry is one is fake.  She is downsizing and has an endless supply of beautiful things that she has collected since the 50's.  After 6 years, I have treasures in every room that came from her collections.  But the best treasure is that I have a sister in Michigan who loves me as much as any blood sister.  I have enormous blessings from God that He heaps upon me daily.  It's amazing to realize the huge blessings I receive through the internet!  Case in little band of followers on my blog!


  1. I have some friends that I've met over the internet that I certainly feel I can count on. I've even been fortunate enough to meet a couple in real life!

    I didn't think those were TX deer based on the foliage in the background. It really is a great photo!!

  2. Isn't it great? I thought it didn't look like out someone's back door. Actually, in TX there is foliage in east Texas like that. But not where I hang out. I love internet friends. Sometimes I think we're closer than townie friends. I have a Christian writer friend, Bonnie Bruno, from Oregon, since 1995. She's prayed me through some bad times, including breast cancer and mastectomy and chemo. Have a great holiday!