Sunday, September 5, 2010

I LOVE quotes!

My blog is still not pretty, and I don't have a thing to say about losing weight.  Now I'm "following" my own self which is embarrassing.  I was trying to send a message to Sam, and in the process I clicked something that caused me to follow my own blog.  Sure enough, there's my picture.   Sam wrote a lovely comment which caused me to cry a bit.  And Kelly is my lifter-upper as is Sandy who even sent me a comment from somewhere in the states where they are traveling.

I've stayed up much too late mostly digging through Amazon looking for free books for my Kindle.  Before I shut down my computer, I was looking at my cluttered desktop and reading some of my cyber stickies.  I love cyber stickies too!  I lose the real ones.  One of my new, favorite quotes was right there in my face.  I suddenly realized that it fits right in with the moaning that I am doing about losing/gaining weight.  It's so good I wanted to get it on my blog.  Well, I suppose I do have something to say about losing weight:

Because a thing seems difficult
for you,
do not think it impossible.
                     --Marcus Aurelius


  1. Great quote!! Obviously, from who the author is, it's been around awhile and never lost its importance.

    Who said your blog isn't pretty?? I love the photo you have at the top! As for following're certainly not the only person doing that. I've considered following myself just so I can see how my previews, etc. look to other folks when they come up in the dashboard. Don't know if you looked back where I answered your question on my blog, but I just jump in there and experiment on blog designs, etc. It always give you the opportunity to preview before saving something so you really can't hurt anything by just trying stuff. If you DO accidently save and make a change you don't like, just go in and change it again until you find something you DO like.

  2. Ah, Kelly, my lifter-upper! Thanks for suggestions. I know there is a comment where you give me some help, and I'm planning to dig and try to figure it out. Someday! I may be asking you some questions.