Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me and My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The good thing about today is that it reminds me of one of my most favorite books , Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Oh, I know. It could be worse. Mercy! I know it could be worse, because there were two days in the past decade when my parents died. That was so bad that it scares me to say this is a bad day.  One thing that makes today so bad is that I can't call either one of my parents to whine.. they would have listened as long as I wanted to whine. When I wrung myself dry of words and tears, my mother would say all of the right things, and my daddy would have a solution. Well, I did get to hear Michael Grimm a few minutes ago sing When a Man Loves a Woman on the finals of America's Got Talent. Be still my heart!  Love the song, love the guy. As I typed, I was thinking how happy I was that I didn't forget tonight was the finals and that I remembered to record it. Next to sing is the darling Jackie Evancho, whom I've watched and loved on YouTube for as long as she's been on it. You know what is happening? A silent screen and the loathsome words "searching for signal on Satellite.." Sure enough there is a gentle soft rain...which is a good thing. Most of the time.  But I didn't hear Jackie sing.  I intended to tell about my day, but rehearsing it would surely be an agony, and although it's not a call to my parents, it feels good to have had my Whine du Jour.


  1. It's always nice being able to whine to someone! (even if it's just one of my dogs!)

    Of course it's when I whine to God that I usually stop and realize how blessed I really am and that what I'm whining about isn't really bad. Still....I enjoy my pity parties occasionally.

    Funny that you mentioned this book. I don't know that I'd ever heard of it and this is the second place I've seen it mentioned in the past 24 hours!!

    Oh....and I can SO relate to that "searching for signal" message!

  2. On days like the one I had on 9/14, I pretty much carry on a running conversation with God the whole day. I don't think I actually stopped to listen though, until I wrote the blog. By the way, you would love the little book. My students liked having it read to them even in the 6th grade.