Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 9, hCG

Day 9, 10/18, Monday 189.64 (-1.32)

I’ve now lost -10.64. This from the girl who couldn’t lose weight. Every day I feel better with more energy. How strange. Today I was shocked when I realized that I haven’t taken Prevacid or had acid reflux since last Tuesday! I’ve acid reflux since chemo in 1996. Also my blood pressure is lower than in several years. I didn’t intend to report my weight today, but I have to share it. This morning I started watching more YouTube videos about the hCG protocol. So far I have read of no person who didn’t lose weight on hCG, and there’s been nothing I can find about anyone who has had a bad reaction. There are times of some aches and pains, but it’s when my body is releasing toxins. 


  1. Things are looking up all around, aren't they!!

    I'm so glad for you!

  2. Thanks, Kelly. I have now only lost the weight I gained since July, when I had the stomach problems. Next I need to lose the 10 caused by the doctor who threw my body into shock by stopping medication too fast. So I have a way to go to feel that I'm breaking even, but it's the right direction. Probably the best is seeing quick results and health improve. Thanks!!

  3. Hi Jenny! Thanks for following my blog! Glad to hear that your cancer is so far behind you! You are an incredible inspiration to us all!

    As far as weight loss goes, I also gained weight while on chemotherapy. It sounds like you've been doing a great deal of research on this topic. I might suggest (yet another!) book to you that has been working for me: "The Flat Belly Diet Cookbook" by Liz Vaccariello. It is simple and you don't have to give up the foods you love. It offers advice on calorie counting, encorporating certain types of foods that maintain a constant blood glucose level at every meal, and eating 4 small meals a day.

    Anyway, thanks for your note and I wish you well! :)