Sunday, October 17, 2010

One week on hCG

Day 8, 10/17
I have lost -1.1 pound since yesterday.  After a week on hCG I have lost 9 pounds.  I don't have the digestive distress that has been my constant companion for so many months.  The foods I eat are right in line with an anti-inflammatory diet.  There is no hunger, and I have lost my cravings.  The night raids on the fridge and freezer are in my past.  My husband is happy not to have to pad lock the freezer every night!   I have very little fluid retention.  The only bad thing for me is the regret that I didn't do this a lot sooner.  But what a difference a week has made!


  1. I'm happy for the weightloss (and a bit jealous, but also inspired), but I'm especially happy for all the ways you are feeling better now!!

    No regrets....just keep looking forward!!
    oh...and I do go back and read the replies you make to the comments.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. What a friend! My little Kelly Cheerleader! I appreciate you.