Saturday, October 30, 2010

hCG report - October 30

hCG check-in: 
October 10 - 199.98
October 18 - 189.64
October 30 - 182.82

Total Loss - 17.16
     This is the most positive that I have felt in months.  I am rather sedentary, although I intend daily to start treadmill walking.  It will happen by the time I go on maintenance on November 18.   I'm free of food cravings and am rarely hungry.  If I awaken during the night I will feel hungry, but that has been my pattern for a long time...the night bingeing.  I'm able to avoid that, and I am not asking my husband to chain and lock the garage freezer.   That is a major celebration.  I have a great picture of the chained and locked freezer, but it's on Harry Patootie Laptop.  Presently I'm limping along with poor little elderly Daisy Dell.  She has been on life-support for a year.  She is a trooper and deserves more appreciation than she receives.  I would not want to leave the impression that hCG has turned me into a sweet old lady.  My capacity for patience is being stretched.   


  1. Well you are just really coming along! I wish I could lose 17 pounds. But then, I'm not putting the effort into it that you are.

    Congratulations!!! ...and here's a pat on the back for elderly Daisy Dell. I have a soft spot for those of her lineage.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thanks, Kelly! It does feel good to chip off some of the weight. Nothing has seemed to work for me, so it's good to be going in the other direction!

  3. Thanks for checking up on me Jenny. I've just posted. It sounds like you are doing really well. I'm so pleased. Keep up the good work. Let's all get healthy!!

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